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Updates and Upgrades

Hi All

We have made some updates and upgrades to our website so that we are fully ready for the Horse Racing which will hopefully restart on the 1st June.

We have also added some new packages on our website.

  1. Football Tips which include 12 different bet types.
  2. Combined Tips which includes our Full Package Racing and also our Football Tips.

We have also added a results page for our Football Tips, plus also our Best 3 lots of Profit for each set of tips for our Football.

Our Football Tips yesterday produced a huge 5-Fold for our Under 1.5 Total Goals bet.

This made a HUGE £6766.52 PROFIT to £10 Stakes.

Football Tips are worldwide so it gives us the ability to find great value.

You can sign up to any of our Packages for FREE currently, and receive our Football Tips each day for the next 4 days without need of payment.

If you would like to get involved, sign up below

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Dean Rayer


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