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Total Tipsters Huge ROI

Hi All

Hope you are all well.

I have been working hard recently on our sister site ‘Total Tipsters'.

I have setup a number of new systems which include:

Results since 1st January 2017 (Almost 4 years of testing).

Premium Tips = Average 3473 tips per year with 4.42% ROI.
The SP Busters = These are tips i am supplying to a 3rd Party, which you are more than welcome to sign up to.
HR Machine = Average 62 Tips per year with 73.27% ROI.
Fresh Picks = Average 50 tips per year with 105.75% ROI.
Win for Win = Average 106 Tips per year with 35.52 ROI.
Master Selection = Average 121 Tips per year with 29.04 ROI.
Fast Moving = Average 236 Tips per year with 35.06 ROI.

All have Monthly, Yearly and Lifetime Plans Available (other than The SP Busters).

Some have a small amount of tips per year, but generate a HUGE ROI.

Fancy getting involved.

Sign Up Here

Dean Rayer

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