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TipAlgo Horse Racing – How The TipAlgo Algorithm Works?

Ever wondered how our Horse Racing Algorithm works to create our profitable horse racing tips?

We have two types of Horse Racing packages within the single sign up price; Two Per Race and Rating. They both have their own custom made algorithm to create our horseracing tips.

Our algorithms take less than 2 minutes to process hundreds of pieces of data, and allows you to add your tips straight to your Auto Betting Slip.

Two Per Race

This consists of:
2 Per Race
Bet of the Day (BOTD)
Long Shot of the Day (LSOTD)
Long Shot Singles
EW Lucky 15
Lucky 31
Lucky 63
Win Double
Each Way Double

The details:
1. We get all race information for the day from races across UK and Ireland and pull all data for each horse in each race. We even grab newspaper tips!
2. All horses are compared to each other generating a win % for each horse.
andhe top two for each race are added to the 2 Per Race Tips.
3. We then grab the odds for each horse in the races.
4. Our custom filters are used to create each bet type. For example: 4 x Horses with 50% chance of winning and odds over 4.00. This would then pick the best 4 for that bet type.
5. Using the custom filters, we create all the Bet Types listed above.

All formulas are tested for a minimum of three months to ensure they show profit before they are launched and available to our customers.


As a base, we use HorseRaceBase to pull all horse racing data which is already set using their own algorithm.

We then apply our own formula to change the ratings to what we know is hugely popular and profitable.

The Tips are then displayed in a different way with the following:
1. No – Number of the horse in the race
2. Horse – Horses name
3. Age – Age of the horse at the time of racing
4. LR – Horses last ratings with our special formula added
5. 2LR – 2nd last race with our special formula added
6. 3LR – 3rd last race with our special formula added
7. 9LR – Last 9 races combined with our special formula
8. Spd – Latest Speed Ratings with our special formula added
9. Fnsh – This takes into account the latest runs based on jockey, trainers, finishing position and many more factors
10. Total – Total Score for each of the horses in the race.
11. Odds – Predicted Odds for the race. Real Odds could be much different.

Our horseracing memberships start at £12.95 per month. View our membership packages.

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