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Tipalgo and Total Tipsters 28 April 2019

Hi All

Another great day for some of our tips today on Tipalgo.

Lucky 63 = +219.50

Win Singles/Double = +100.00

Lucky 15 = +47.00

Lucky 31 = +31.00

How would you fancy all of our tips on Tipalgo and we will include any of our System Tips from Total Tipsters.

This offer is available for our 6 Month and 1 Year Plans Only.

6 Months Plan = 6 Months on Tipalgo and any System Tips for 1 Year.

1 Year Plan = 1 Year on Tipalgo and any 2 x System Tips for 1 Year.

All that i ask is that once you have signed up on Tipalgo, reply back to any of our automated emails with which system you would like on Total Tipsters.

If you have signed up for 1 year, then please let me know which 2 System Tips you would like.

Total Tipsters Systems can be seen here

Sign up on Tipalgo Here

Any Questions, just reply back and i will answer as soon as possible.


Dean Rayer

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