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Football at Tipalgo

Hi All

As most of you know we do a lot of marketing on our Horse Racing but very rarely market our Football Tips.

I would like to give you a bit of an insight on our Football Tips.

Currently we send out the following tips:

Home Wins
Away Wins
Over 2.5 Goals
Under 2.5 Goals
Top Tips (best of each of the different types of tips)
Double Money (Free Tips)

We try to send 5 selections for each type of tips, and this is only lower if there are not enough selections on the day.

Emails are sent before 11am every day, and we plan on changing this to be sent the evening before (one of our updates we are working on).

All selections are done from every league worldwide allowing us to send the tips even when the major leagues are not playing.

Here are a few of our recent results over the past 3 days.

9th April 2019

Away Wins = 5/5
BTTS Yes = 4/5
Double Money = 3/3
Home Wins = 4/5
Over 2.5 Goals = 4/5

10th April 2019

BTTS Yes = 4/5
Draws = 2/2
Home Wins = 4/5
Over 2.5 Goals = 4/5

11th April 2019

Away Wins = 3/4
BTTS No = 2/3
Double Money = 2/2
Home Wins = 5/5
Under 2.5 Goals = 4/5

As you can see we do very good with our Football Tips.

If you would like to get involved, just sign up below.

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Dean Rayer

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